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Court of Chancery Addresses Application of Fee-Shifting Bylaw

Posted in Bylaws, Case Summaries, Class Actions, Controlling Stockholder, Corporate Charters
The Rites of Spring are upon us: budding flowers, warmer temperatures, and a Delaware court issuing an important decision just before the annual Tulane Corporate Law Institute begins. This year the honor of issuing that decision fell to Chancellor Bouchard who issued his opinion in Strougo v. Hollander, C.A. No. 9770-CB (Del. Ch.) on March… Continue Reading

Court Of Chancery Interprets Preferred Stock Rights

Posted in Corporate Charters
Brevan Howard Credit Catalyst Master Fund Limited v. Spanish Broadcasting System Inc., C.A. No. 9209-VCG (June 27, 2014) This is another in line of cases dealing with the statutory limit of using only “legally available funds” to redeem preferred stock.  Recognizing this limit, preferred stock provisions are evolving by adding additional requirement that make the… Continue Reading

Court Of Chancery Explains When Actions Are Void

Posted in Corporate Charters
Klaassen v. Allegro Development Corporation, C.A. 8676-VCL (October 11, 2013) There is still an important distinction under Delaware law between actions that are void and those that are merely voidable. For only voidable actions may be ratified. This decision traces the history of that distinction with respect to calling of directors’ meetings. Only meetings called in… Continue Reading

Court Of Chancery Clarifies Ultra Vires Statute

Posted in Corporate Charters
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority v. Volgenau,  C.A. 6354-VCN (August 31, 2012) Section 124 of the Delaware General Corporation Code sets out the Delaware limits on the common law doctrine of ultra vires.  This decision holds that Section 124 does not limit suits for breach of fiduciary duty, but does protect corporate transactions that have closed from some attacks alleging… Continue Reading

CCLD Follows Chancery Analysis

Posted in Corporate Charters
ALTA Berkely VI C.V. v. Omneon, Inc., C.A. N10C-11-102 JRS CCLD (July 21, 2011) On one level this is not a particularly unusual decision and that is just the point.  For here the Superior Court’s new CCLD shows that it is going to make the same studied analysis and follow the same precedent as the Delaware Court… Continue Reading

Court Of Chancery Explains Conversion Cap

Posted in Corporate Charters
ION Geophysical Corporation v. Fletcher International Ltd., C.A. No. 5050-VCP (November 5, 2010) This decision explains how a  ‘conversion cap’ works to prevent the holders of convertible securities from converting those securities to common stock.  These provisions thereby avoid running afoul of the SEC rules on registering ownership of stock.… Continue Reading

Court Of Chancery Addresses “Blank Check Company” Agreement

Posted in Corporate Charters
Ruffalo v. TransTech Service Partners Inc., C.A. 5039-VCP (August 23, 2010) This decision addresses the rights of investors in a so-called "blank check company" where a pool of money is raised to invest in some to-be determined business.  Not surprisingly,  the investors’ rights are determined by what the certificate of incorporation provides. That may not… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Upholds Preferred Stock Provision

Posted in Case Summaries, Corporate Charters
Hildreth v. Castle Dental Centers, Inc., Del. Sup. C.A. No. 195, 2007 (November 15, 2007). A tricky issue arises when a defective certificate of incorporation causes stock to be void. Here, the preferred stock was validly authorized but there was not enough common stock to fulfill the conversion rights of the preferred. The Supreme Court held… Continue Reading

Court of Chancery Interprets Change of Control Provision

Posted in Case Summaries, Corporate Charters, M&A
Law Debenture  Trust Company of New York v. Petrohawk Energy Corp., C.A. No. 2422-VCS (August 1, 2007). Change of control provisions are common in employment contracts and other contexts. Here the provision was in a debenture. While primarily focusing on the specific language involved, this opinion is useful to others to see how to avoid… Continue Reading

Court of Chancery Interprets No Shop Clause

Posted in Case Summaries, Corporate Charters, Fiduciary Duty
Energy Partners Ltd. v. Stone Energy Corporation, C.A. No. 2402-N (Del. Ch. October 11, 2006). The Court of Chancery may be called upon to decide the scope of a board of director’s duties in appropriate cases. Here, the Court interpreted a common merger agreement provision that limited the board’s options in considering third party bids… Continue Reading

Court of Chancery Holds Dividends May Not Be Forced

Posted in Breach of Contract, Case Summaries, Controlling Stockholder, Corporate Charters
Superior Vision Services, Inc. v. Reliastar Life Insurance Company, C.A. No. 1668-N (Del. Ch. August 25, 2006). This decision answers the question of when a minority shareholder may block a dividend payment pursuant to the authority to do so in the company’s certificate of incorporation. The Superior Vision charter provided that a dividend could not… Continue Reading